# Events Discription
1 Khushali Bank EDC SZABIST Hyderabad organised Recruitment Drive of Khushhali Bank for different positions at SZABIST Hyderabad Campus on 20th Jun 2017, where Regional Manager M-Bhart Kumar and ASM - Adnan Ahmed interviewed graduates.
2 Al Midrar Institute EDC invited Al Midrar Institute to conduct the session on "Time and Self Management" as on 11th May 2017, for the student of SZABIST Hyderabad.
3 Standard Chartered Bank EDC Officer invited Mr. Mashhood Jan e Alam (Branch Head - Standard Chartered Bank) to conduct the Mock Interview Session at SZABIST Hyderbad Campus on18th May 2017 students took interview and polished their skills as per the requirement.
4 Engro Ltd EDC invited professional from ENGRO Ltd to conduct the session on "Six Sigma" on 12th April 2017, Zonal Marketing Manager - Mr. Riaz Ahmed conducted the guest speaker session.
5 Pakistan State Oil PSO conducted the online test from the students for the Internship Program 2017 on 21st April 2017 at SZABIST Hyderabad Campus.
6 Sindh Education Foundation EDC Hyderabad organized the session of Teach for Change conducted by Sindh Education Foundation to bring awareness to graduates and students regarding their campaign of Teaching in Schools as on
7 4th Annual Convocation 2016 4th Annual Convocation 2016 of SZABIST Hyderabad was held at Roopa Mari Garden Hyderabad where degrees were awarded to 133 graduates in Business & Computer Sciences on 7th March, 2017.
8 Meezan Bank EDC Officer organized the recruitment drive of Meezan Bank for the post of Personal Banking Officer where graduates took interviews at SZABIST Hyderabad Campus as on 21st March 2017.